What Will Happen If I Plug My Iphone Into Another Computer?

June 20th 2010 | Posted by admin

i haven’t backed up my iphone for months on my laptop, i tried to last night and it took hours and then it got corrupted as iphone unplugged itself.
ever since it wont back up properly anymore, its saying it is but it just says so on top of itunes not in a op up dialog box and then itunes froze.
i will restore my iphone if necessary but i need to get my pictures off first, and my iphone doesnt show up on my laptop except in itunes (not on my computer)
so what will happen if i plug my iphone into another computer? could i just copy all my photos off through going through my computer?
please help its urgent!
also my itunes on laptop is now not recognising my iphones name and instead just says ‘iphone’ and it wont let me sync or download new software because of this back up problem.

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One Response to “What Will Happen If I Plug My Iphone Into Another Computer?”


Use the program “Sharepod” it will let you take things on and off of your iphone without using iTunes.
Also, just plugging your phone into another PC wont do anything to it – except charge the battery!
It’s only if you sync it with iTunes you’ll lose things.

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